Individual Medley | Journal | Stefani Padilla - La Tierra Sagrada | On today's Journal we meet the lovely Stefani, creator of the natural hair care line La Tierra Sagrada. Translated, La Tierra Sagrada means "The Sacred Earth.

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Stefani Padilla - La Tierra Sagrada

On today's Journal we meet the lovely Stefani, creator of the natural hair care line La Tierra Sagrada. Translated, La Tierra Sagrada means "The Sacred Earth." We visited Stefani at the beautiful studio she shares with Kari of Poppy & Someday. The space is nestled in the urban wilds of Laurel Canyon, surrounded by nature and a garden of herbs and vegetables. We sat around the table, ate snacks and drank sun tea while we chatted about work, life, and things that inspire us.
For the past 10 years, Stefani has commuted between New York and Los Angeles to not only transform hair, but transform lives by sharing the wisdom of plant medicine. Her holistic approach to life and hair care inspired her to create this powerful line of healing hair products. Stefani says, "My purpose is to share the wisdom of plant medicine and help to educate others about how these sacred ingredients can heal and transform the hair."
Stefani is one of those people that brings calmness and clarity to those around her. She creates her hair care products from a place of kindness, honesty and thoughtfulness. I feel so lucky to know her and share her story with you.

Tell us what you do? 
SP: I am a hairstylist based in Los Angeles. I am the creator of La Tierra Sagrada Hair products. When Im not taking clients, or on a shoot, Im in the studio hand-blending oils and extracts to bottle up and share with the world.

Tell us about your products?
SP: This all-natural three-piece treatment line is infused with a blend of medicinal plants and sacred essences. All products are plant based and scented with palo santo. I created an essence with the vine of ayahuasca, and add this to every product for extra healing. 

The Jojoba Oil is a great daily oil for hair and skin. It is combined with rosemary and lavender, which aids in healing scalp irritations and imbalances. The oil can be used to add moisture and seal the ends of hair. The Salt Spray is a water based spray that adds some extra lift at the root or a beach like texture to tousled strands.

The Treatment is a deep conditioning masque with coconut, babassu, and meadowfoam oil. These oils deeply moisturize the hair and help stimulate hair growth when massaged to the scalp. 

I suggest using weekly, leave on the hair for at least an hour or over night- the longer the better.

What are you excited about now? 
SP: EVERYTHING! Seriously, but I am really excited to launch some new products this fall- Shampoo, Conditioner and 3 different shades of Dry Shampoo. 

Im shifting my business more towards community and collaborating with other like-minded souls/artists. I work with a lot of other amazing small businesses, I wanted to create a brand that would support and highlight their many talents and offerings. Right now I have Sanae Intoxicants scenting the Shampoo and Conditioner, and for the Dry Shampoos, I've added some of Sun Potions magical tonics to the mix! Get excited!

What is the best advice you have received? 
SP: “Understand through compassion or you will misunderstand the times.”

Where do you find balance? 
SP:In any body of water.

If you could pack up your car and leave tomorrow where would you go? 
SP: Funny you should ask...I've been overdue for a good, long trip on the open road. Im in the planning stages of taking the month of September to drive up the west coast. Im doing hair for a wedding in Yosemite over Labor Day, and then have to be on Orcas Island for The Heartbeat Retreat mid month, so why not make a road trip out of it? I have a lot of stores I sell at from Los Angeles to Vancouver. I would like to visit them all, and explore more of the outlying areas. I wish I could pack up and do this tomorrow, but September is the soonest I can break away.

You share a beautiful space with Kari of Poppy and Someday -how does sharing your space influence your work?
SP: Kari is the most inspiring person. I don't believe that I have ever met someone who is constantly creating, always making everything so beautiful, and can literally do anything she puts her mind to. Im always inspired by what she is doing next. Im more of a thinker, dreamer, doer-I flow a lot-it's nice to work with someone who is so grounding.

What is the first concert you ever went to?
SP: Wow-12 years old, with manic panic hot pink hair, Rage Against the Machine. 

If you had a super power, what would it be?
SP: I kind of wish I had 3 super powers- I can't decide on just one...

I wish I had the ability to retain millions of gallons of water so that I could magically fly over the drought stricken areas and disperse water were necessary. (Ahem, California)

I also wish I had the super power to freeze people, temporarily. Once they were frozen, I would go into their hearts, open them up, and then once they were unfrozen they would feel nothing but pure love for the rest of their existence.

The 3rd super power would have to do with humanity,of course, as all great super hero's are concerned. I wish I had the ability to magically end all pain and suffering on the planet. 

See some of Stefani's oils on our featured artist page here.

Thank you Stefani and THANK YOU Elli who shot all these beautiful photos. See more of her work at: