Individual Medley | Journal | A Question of Eagles | On the blog today we would like to introduce the husband and wife duo, Jonathan and Melissa of A Question of Eagles. They have moved around coast-to-coast and now their new amazing studio is based in Los Angeles.

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A Question of Eagles

On the blog today we would like to introduce the husband and wife duo, Jonathan and Melissa of A Question of Eagles. They have moved around coast-to-coast and now their new amazing studio is based in Los Angeles. Their work is inspired by nature, their travels through the American landscape, and studio pottery of the 60's and 70's. We are so lucky and honored to carry A Question of Eagles in our shop and online!


What do you listen to while you are working?
M+J: We typically mix it up with podcasts (Radio Lab, WTF, Serial) radio (KCRW, KJAZZ, Chances with Wolves) and our own varied music collection. Also we just discovered that the Los Angeles Public Library let's you stream audio books for free with your library card, so we're now just starting to get into that. Really looking forward to catching up on some reading!

How did A Question of Eagle start?
M+J: Even though we both come from fine art backgrounds, clay was a medium neither of us had worked with extensively. We took some classes and workshops, and found that learning a new material together was really freeing and inspiring. AQOE was born!

What in your neighborhood inspires you or your work?
M+J: Our studio building is located in the Arts District and is full of other creative business. Being around that kind of excited energy and positive attitude on a daily basis has been really motivating and invigorating. Generally though, we find that the landscape and culture of Southern California really informs our approach to design and the distinct way in which we work with clay.

Describe your ideal LA weekend.
M+J: Our work week tends to flow into the weekend often, so the best weekends are when we can just enjoy the city in an unplanned and relaxing way - long walks in Elysian Park with our new dog friend Clyde (!!), Hollywood farmer's market on Sunday, great beers at Hermosillo, and time in the studio to just play around. If we can get out of the city for a short camping trip though, that is really ideal! Nothing is better than heading up the 2 towards Wrightwood in summer and sleeping under the cool pine trees!

You recently moved to a new studio space in Los Angeles. What's next for A Question of Eagles?
M+J: We couldn't be happier to be in our new studio!! Starting this spring we're also getting ready to host workshops and other inspired events (curated dinners?!) in our space. Lots to look forward to!


What was your first concert?
Melissa: For me it was seeing Bruce Springsteen's Born in the USA tour with my dad. He bought me a t-shirt too which I wish I still had

Jonathan: PIL and New Order!

One of your guilty pleasures?
M+J: Ice cream and too much TV.


Thank you Melissa and Johnathan! Thank you Kourtney Jackson for the photos! Check out more of her work at: